Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Native American Research Internship for Undergraduate Students

National Park Academy INTERN OPPORTUNITY this Spring Break!

National Park Service Academy Internship this Spring Break!

Apply to be in the inaugural Alaska cohort of diverse interns to serve in Alaska National Parks!

Alaskan students of color, Alaska Natives, and underrepresented Alaskans age 15 - 25 have an opportunity to join together in Seward during Spring Break (March 10-16, 2013) for an orientation on diverse career paths in the National Park Service. School is out in Nome Public Schools during this time, perfect timing!

After successful completion of the week's activities, students will have an opportunity to be placed at an Alaska National Park this summer for a paid internship.

To apply and also to have your application fee waived, call Jeff Chen at 907-717-8414 or email him at JChen@theSCA.org.

Deadline is Feb. 4!!!!!

Link to application: http://mysca.force.com/member/NewRegistration
If you're age 15-18, apply for "National Crew."
If you're age 18-25, apply for "Conservation Internship."

2013 National Institute on Drug Abuse: Summer Research Program

2013 National Institute on Drug Abuse: Summer Research Program for High School and Under Graduate Students

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) invites high school and under graduate students to submit applications for the 2013 Summer Research Program. Under this program students underrepresented in the biomedical and behavioral sciences are paired with NIDA funded scientists at research institutions across the United States for 8-10 weeks during the summer to work in the field of substance abuse and addiction research.

Internships may involve a variety of experiences including laboratory experiments, data collection, data analysis, patient interviews, library research and literature reviews.

Student interns receive a stipend, and if necessary and eligible, provisions for travel and housing expenses.

Complete program information, including the application form, required student qualifications, research site locations and research project descriptions are available at: www.drugabuse.gov/pdf/sposummer.pdf

The deadline to submit applications for the 2013 program is February 15, 2013

Your application must contain the following information to be considered complete:
1.Transcript. Submit an official transcript from your school.
2.Statement of Research Career Interest. Submit a statement that describes your interest insubstance abuse/addiction research, career goals, and educational plans beyond your high school or undergraduate studies. Do not exceed two pages double-spaced.
3.Two Letters of Recommendation. Letters of recommendation from an advisor, teacher(s) orprofessor(s) must be submitted in sealed envelopes and included with this Application Form.

For more information, contact Dr. Albert Avila at aavila@nida.nih.gov or (301)496-8804.

A complete application packet including: an Application Form, official transcript, two letters of recommendation, and a Statement of Research Career Interest, is due to NIDA by Friday, February 15, 2013.If necessary, your school can send your transcript separately, but all other items must be sent together.To ensure NIDA’s timely receipt of your application package, you should mail your package at least 4 days in advance of the due date to:

Regular Mail:Charlotte AnnanSpecial Populations OfficeNational Institute on Drug Abuse6001 Executive Boulevard, Room 3105, MSC 9567Bethesda, MD 20892-9567

FedEx:Charlotte AnnanSpecial Populations OfficeNational Institute on Drug Abuse6001 Executive Boulevard, Room 3105 Rockville, MD 20852(301) 443-0441

2013 SUMMER Science Expedition in Greenland

Joint Science Education Project (JSEP): 2013 SUMMER Science Expedition in Greenland

**Applications are due February 15, 2013**

Any current 10th or 11th grade student with a strong interest in the natural sciences and a passion for learning may apply to participate in the Joint Science Education Project (JSEP), a summer research experience in Greenland. JSEP is a two part program: The Kangerlussauq Science Field School sponsored by the Government of Greenland and the US-led Science Education Week sponsored by the National Science Foundation.

A limited number of high school students from the United States will join their peers from Denmark, and Greenland to spend three weeks this summer doing field science in and around Kangerlussuaq, Greenland and visit a research station on the Greenland ice sheet. Students work with Arctic scientists and with their peers on research projects in a wide variety of fields including biology, geology, climatology, chemistry and engineering.

This program is sponsored by the National Science Foundation's Office of Polar Programs in collaboration with the Joint Committee.

Note: There is no cost to students except for incidentals and any clothing they plan to wear. Extreme cold weather outerwear is provided however clothing to wear underneath is not.

More information, including the application, can be found on the website

at: http://www.arcus.org/jsep

Contact Lynn Foshee Reed, lreed@nsf.gov, for more information.
Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellow
National Science Foundation - Polar Programs
4201 Wilson Blvd, Suite 755
Arlington, VA 22230
Office Phone: (703) 292-8051

Monday, January 7, 2013

Certified Nursing Aide Training 2013

CNA Training 2013

May 20-June 1: Course begins in Nome
June 2-15: Course concludes in Fairbanks and students take the state CNA exam

Application Deadline: March 22, 2013

General Information
Certified nurse aides work under the direction of nurses and doctors in hospitals, clinics, home health, assisted living, private homes and doctors' offices. CNAs give personal care to patients, helping them with everyday activities like bathing, changing dressings, and eating. In helping patients with these important activities, CNAs improve the quality of life for their patients by making sure they are comfortable and well treated. 

Cost: the Bering Strait Health Consortium will cover the high cost of training for eligible students accepted into the CNA training program. Travel and most meals will also be covered.
A maxium of 10 students will be selected

For those interested in applying must take the appropriate test prior to applying.

High school seniors ages 17 and up may apply through NACTEC, these students must first have completed at least one 2-week immersive NACTEC training program, preferably a healthcare program.

Students must complete a NACTEC application and submit it to the NACTEC Director. For more information Contact Douglas J. Walrath, Ph.D. NACTEC Director. 907-443-3507 or dwalrath@nomeschools.com or visit www.nacteconline.org.

Adults must complete an application packet available from Kawerak, Inc.

For more information contact Kawerak, Inc. at 907-443-4358 or 1-800-450-4341.

High School Student Opportunities at UAF!

Please Visit: http://www.uaf.edu/summer/high-school-students/

UAF Summer Leadership Institute

May 29 - June 4

Deadline for Application is April 10, 2012

The UAF Summer Leadership Institute is a one-week summer experience designed to develop leadership skills for students finishing grades 9-12. The curriculum focuses on leadership roles and accountability, team building, leadership styles and situations, motivating others, civic responsibility, integrity, public speaking, changing behaviors, and goal setting.

Students live on campus, enjoy the academic and social atmosphere and get a taste of college life.

Application deadline is April 10, 2012. Needs based scholarships are available. For more information e-mail fynlc@uaf.edu, call 907-474-5942, or go online at www.uaf.edu/som/nlc/.

Alaska Business Week
July 15 – July 21, 2012

The Alaska Business Week (ABW) program is designed to give high school students (finishing grades 9 – 12) hands-on experience in running a company, competing with other student companies to arrive at a winning strategy and leading them to discover their own leadership skills. Student companies are guided and mentored by senior business and organization executives who take on the role of company advisors.

The curriculum includes a series of presentations from statewide business leaders who share their strategies and experience in real-life scenarios. At the end of the program, students will be able to defend their actions in front of a panel of business managers and realize their own potential for leadership and future endeavors.

ABW students earn two college credits for successful completion of the program. Application deadline is June 1, 2012. (Applications will be accepted after that date on a space-available basis.) Cost is $450.00 For more information, email hope.bickmeier@alaska.edu or call 907-474-5942 or go to www.uaf.edu/abw.

Rural Alaska Honors Institute

May 29 - July 12, 2012

Deadline for Application is March 30, 2012

Rural Alaska Honors Institute (RAHI) is a competitive six-week, residential, college preparatory bridge program for rural and Alaska Native high school juniors and seniors held on the UAF campus. RAHI students may earn up to ten university credits from a wide range of subjects.

For more information e-mail rahi@alaska.edu , call (907) 474-6886, or toll free in
Alaska (800) 478-6886, or online at http://www.uaf.edu/rahi/

Alaska Summer Research Academy
June 18 - 29, 2012

(Day program) 7th - 12th grade (grade in the fall)
July 16 - 27, 2012
(Residential program) 9th - 12th grade (grade in the fall)

The Alaska Summer Research Academy (ASRA) provides an opportunity for students in grades 8-12 to experience life on the UAF campus and receive hands-on instruction from university faculty, staff, and industry professionals. Students can explore one of seventeen modules, including marine biology, biomedicine, forensics, robotics, and archaeology. ASRA students live in the dorms on campus. All students receive one college credit upon completion. ASRA is offered by the College of Natural Science and Mathematics in cooperation with other units throughout UAF.

For more information please visit the ASRA website: www.uaf.edu/asra, email klpendleton@alaska.edu or call 907-474-7221.